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Airy in a Nutshell

for Airy GreenTech GmbH

Airy is an innovative brand of air purifying plant pots made in Germany. In this animated social media spot we explain how and why it works so well.
Job Type: Editor / Animation
Year: 2018
AIRY is the flowerpot you've always wanted: its large water tank makes dried flowers on your windowsill a thing of the past. And the aeration of the roots makes your plant feel really good. Your friends and even your mother-in-law will admire your green thumb. But AIRY can do much more: pollutants and odours in your room air are filtered through the substrate. The result is fresh, healthy air for you and your loved ones. And your plant is even happy about the pollutants, because it breaks them down enzymatically and transforms them into usable nutrients without leaving any residue. The result: a natural and highly effective cycle that makes the plant happy and provides you with the best air.