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Malte Nenninger

Freelance filmmaker based in Berlin

Film and photography allow us to convey things that words never could. That's what originally ignited my passion for all things visual. With my diverse portfolio and wide range of experience I can help you with telling your story.

My Skills

And what I can offer to your project.

I work in a variety of roles but my focus is the final image, always. Be it as part of a larger team or as the sole videographer, I'd love to be part of your project. And if there is a problem I don't know how to solve, I will walk the extra mile to find the best solution.

At the heart of the process - all the way

Pre Production

I can guide you through the process of setting up a production team and a project plan. As a producer I have managed small to medium sized productions with a focus on corporate and educational content. And if the job gets too big for one person, I will be happy to bring on talent from my network as needed.

As a cameraman, what counts is taking care to craft an appealing frame. I am experienced in setting up shots in documentary as well as scripted productions. Beyond that, I can provide B-Cam and assistant services to your team and have experience in setting up studio and VFX shoots.

I offer creative editing services and 2D motion design capabilities to various clients. I have edited anything from music videos to image films.

I can offer broadcast ready SDR color grading and finishing as well as a variety of 2D focused VFX and compositing services.

When it comes to post-production, I rely on robust and technically sound workflows. I can help your team establish a project-appropriate workflow and take care of the technical management of the post production process. I have worked as post-production supervisor and conforming artist.


Wanna chat? Contact me.


Wanna chat? Contact me.