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Malte Nenninger

Freelance filmmaker based in Berlin

Film and photography allow us to convey things that words never could. That's what originally ignited my passion for all things visual - a passion that has become my profession. I am a freelance filmmaker, working in diverse environments from production to finishing.

My Skills

And what I can offer to your project.

I pride myself in my flexibility and my ability to engage with people - that means with you, my client. If there is a problem I don't know how to solve, I will walk the extra mile to find the best solution.

At the heart of the process - all the way


I focus on the image, even if there isn't a truck full of lights and a crew to boast. What counts is taking care to craft an appealing frame. Primarily working in live and unscripted settings has taught me to adapt, no matter the situation.

Once your movie is shot it needs to be edited. And who better to do that than the person who shot it in the first place? Whether scripted production or fast turnaround content, I offer editing services for all types of projects.

Colour grading is becoming more and more important, even for smaller projects. In order to keep up with the increasing quality of content on the web, proper colour correction and look creation is indispensable. As a cameraman it is important to me that my images look their best before release, so colouring them is a natural extension to my work on set.

Although I am not a motion designer or VFX specialist, I have picked up one trick or another. From cleaning up shots in post to turning your artwork into dynamic motion graphics, there is a lot I can offer in terms of animation and compositing.


Wanna chat? Contact me.


Wanna chat? Contact me.